Roast Chicken and Other Love Songs

As an enthusiastic (and I absolutely mean ‘enthusiastic’ in the school-report-euphemism sense) cook, I love geeking out over process. Reductions and purees and veloutes and tempering. I like to make things as complicated as possible. But this is, of course, futile. The more I have to do, the more chance there is of me makingContinue reading “Roast Chicken and Other Love Songs”

Arancini: A Story

I don’t know why I’ve never made Arancini before; I guess because I’ve never had any leftover risotto and the idea of making some specifically for another purpose seems a smidgen long-winded, even for me. Apparently, arancini translates as ‘little orange’. The Italians love a diminutive. It reminds me of my favourite joke in ShakespeareContinue reading “Arancini: A Story”